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After learning that Rohan had bought a small Jamaican coffee farm, Whittle proposed to start a large-scale coffee production business built on Bob Marley's name. Rohan's involvement in the management of the business was minimal, the complaint said.See More

If you keep an old Bob Marley compilation in your glovebox, just in case you crave some reggae on the way home, you may want to reconsider. The Jamaican singer, along with Britney Spears, AC/DC and DJ Calvin Harris, are among the most dangerous ...See More

The late 'Jailhouse Rock' singer has been earning money from beyond through ticket sales for tours of his home in Memphis, Tennessee. Also, a compilation CD released last year called Elvis Presley Forever raked in a lot of money and also became the ...See More

Marley reportedly raked in a cool $21 million over the past year, one million more than he earned last year. In addition to his music, much of the late singer's annual earnings came from the Marley Beverage company, producers of the drink Marley's ...See More