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In an arc stretching from Kingston, Jamaica, to Birmingham, England, our photographers captured many special moments with the reggae master Bob Marley, born 70 years ago this Feb. 6th. Their stories are pretty incredible too. Take Lee Jaffe, for example.See More

When people ask where I live and I say Jamaica, it's almost a given that someone will then randomly say “ah, Bob Marley” in response. ... Ky-Mani, one of at least 11 children the singer is known to have fathered, remembered the truck from his childhood.See More

A US court has sided with Bob Marley's family, which sued a company that sold shirts depicting the reggae legend, in a case with potential ramifications for merchandise of other deceased stars. The estate of the Jamaican icon had filed a suit after low ...See More

In 2008, Marley's family, who had partnered with a merchandising company called Fifty-Six Hope Road Music, sued clothing makers A.V.E.L.A. for creating Marley shirts that featured the Legend singer's image and selling them through retailers like Target ...See More