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At least one of Bob Marley's quotes – "When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself" – is also being used in the marketing campaign for Marley Natural. Members of the deceased reggae singer-songwriter's family announced Marley Natural on Tuesday ...See More

A man has stepped forward insisting he's the oldest son and an heir of famed Rasta singer-songwriter Bob Marley. Over 33 years after his death, wannabe singer Fabian Marley, 46, has produced a positive DNA test to prove his claims. β€œThe University of ...See More

The Marley family has licensed the singer's name and image since his death, with the value of Marley's estate estimated to be more than $130 million. The singer who popularized reggae music as well as the Rastafari spiritual movement β€” which regards ...See More

There's the ghost of a politician, and an even more ghostly Bob Marley himself, referred to throughout the book simply as "The Singer." Basically it's one life after another impacted by violence, music and politics. All of them stuffed, and I do mean ...See More