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Lyrics of Carried To Dust Calexico

Bend To The Road Lyrics
Watching your eyes go back and forth
Out on the highway
Watching your heart bend to the road
Kiss your forehead as I turn to go

Following those signs
Driving out
Only engine smoke frozen in a cloud
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Fractured Air (tornado Watch) Lyrics
From the delta to the plains
Storms touching down again
Devil's hiding in the house
Angel's in the rain

Corrugated lovers swimming on the wire
Switching on and off the breakers
On a night like this
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House Of Valparaiso Lyrics
Dialing in a forgotten voice
(Coming in like waves rolling off the coast)
Sweeping through illegal ports
(Rising from the depths, falling off the tongue)
Ships drifting out of tune
(Coming in like waves rolling off the coast)

Many, many more, sculpting the shoreline
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Inspiracion Lyrics
Yo canto en mi corazón
y Tú, mi amigo, me inspiras mis pasos...

Me voy por el mundo
conociendo varia gente
pero nunca hay una persona
como Tú...

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News About William Lyrics
Four in the morning the sidewalk's asleep
Dogs on the porch and spiders on the leaf
Shipwrecked by night, sailing through days
Nobody noticed the slipping away

Connecting the dots with thorns in his side
Boarded up the windows with pain and with pride
The music box broken that once was his soul
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Red Blooms Lyrics
When the fists of winter fly
Driving bones into the snow
Blackened frostbitten nights
Vodka running dry

The statues cloaked in white
Migrants from museums
Losing all the feeling now that
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Slowness Lyrics
Miles of highway poppies, a stretch of maybe flowers
Past Signal Hill a ways
We were parked and searching
For a hubcap rolling into the fields of thorn
Although we couldn't see a thing that night
Stars still shone
In their slowness
And their slowness
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Two Silver Trees Lyrics
There are code breakers with lines well tapped
Traces sweeping out across the static night
You are drapped in white like the blossoms of the tree
Looking down a glass elevator
At your father signing the papers for
Two silver trees, two silver trees
Two worlds in need, two silver trees

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Victor Jara's Hands Lyrics
Wire fences still coiled with flowers of the night
Songs of the birds like hands call the earth to witness
Sever from fear before taking flight.
Fences that fail and fall to the ground
Bearing the fruit from Jara's Hands
Me siento solo y perdido
Una vela alumbra mi camino
Cruzando tierras que nunca he visto
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Writer's Minor Holiday Lyrics
Thumb tacks spread out
Across your hometown state
Hollow tree at half mast
Wait until wintertime
Leaves a paper trail a licorice plant that's overgrown

Like a cabin in the woods on a minor
Like a minor holiday
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