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Lyrics of Garden Ruin Calexico

All Systems Red Lyrics
Felt a tremor stir beneath my breath
That forecasts storms on the gallup poll
Waking up from the nightmare news
Hoping to read a sign in the morning air

Nothing changes here and nothing improves
All say my friends who just want out
And leave these troubles behind
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Bisbee Blue Lyrics
When you can't find the hours
Days keep on slipping thru
Avenues under construction
Blocking out your sky blues

Burried beneath the letters
Bills and the junk in the mail
Finding the strain to your heart
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Cruel Lyrics
Cruel, cruel grounds
Leak truths never found
Torturous ways
Whisper from the grave
A slow spun song of distortion

Bitter, bitter mouth
Spitin' out seeds of doubt
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Deep Down Lyrics
When numbers matter more than the heart
Your eyes are hollow and stiffness starts to take control
Capsize the soul, deep down you know it's evil
You've always known

Be a good example show your new tricks
And while you're out there they'll make the pitch
To rally the troops and make a huge contribution
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Letter To Bowie Knife Lyrics
Everyday on my way home
The clouds would break and the angels
Would sing their refrain

This world's an ungodly place
Strangled by vines unchaste
So with my shining blade of steel
I would cut a path wide
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Lucky Dime Lyrics
Found a dime in the metro line
Funny to see a familiar face
Since you left us long ago
There's never been a trace of luck to guide me

Hoping to see a sign
Or a lucky dime

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Nom De Plume Lyrics
Le corbeau s'approche
Atterit sur l'épaule de celui qui écrit
Reviens lui picorer le cou
Les veines sortent des chairs
Le sang se répand sur la page
Il crie ses dernières lignes
Et s'endort

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Panic Open String Lyrics
Panic open string, power grids blackout
Birds all fly in numbers down to the ground
Reassure the blades of green, green grass

Season's still asleep more or less
Wind is gearing up for a reckless ride
Leaning accidental on nature's side

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Roka (Danza De La Muerte) Lyrics
Sleeping in the valley, valley of ill fortune
Waking cross the river, river of delusion
Full moon lures the waves, waves of desperation
Empty hearts and mouths wither away

So close your eyes
Slow your breath
Dream of northern lights
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Smash Lyrics
Is there anyway i can fix it
Take out my tools maybe smash with it
Let me destroy the parts that annoy

Swallow the words i'm saving
Fumble the chords i'm playing
Better just break it apart
Then where should they go
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Yours And Mine Lyrics
Getting late for decision
What's that waiting about
Horses are chomping at the bit
The gate is nearly busted down
Moment before the calm of the storm
And everyone's blood goes wild
Except yours and mine

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