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ADTOY Lyrics
(All all) All day (you) I only think of you (only) only (only) only
(All all) All day (you) I only think of you (only) only (only) only

I can’t do anything because of you all day
I think my heart has been taken away by you
It’s as if you’re right next to me
My head is drunk with thoughts of last night
I can’t sober up, it’s all because of you, I’m going crazy, I want you
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CoComeback When You Hear This Song Lyrics
Come back when you hear this song
Come back when you hear this song

I didn’t know when you were with me
I didn’t know even after you left
But after time passed, I finally realized

No matter who I met
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Coming Down Lyrics
You came to me, I see you from back then
I close my eyes and just when you appear, I see your eyes

I know – I was crazy over the attraction
I followed your eyes to your everything
I fell for that charm as I looked at you

I kissed you just like that
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Dangerous Lyrics
You’re so pretty that I keep staring at you
You look like a star (You look like a star)
When I look at you, my heart trembles
Don’t waste my time (Don’t waste my time)

I can’t help my heart
I tried to turn it back but I can’t
Now give up and just receive it
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Game Over Lyrics
You can’t just leave me and go back
You can’t take a step away from me
Don’t say that it’s the end in front of me
You are still lingering in my heart

I wanted you
I was pulled around by your love
But you playing me, just stop playing me
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Go Back Lyrics
The words “I love you” don’t really come to me anymore
Kissing you doesn’t make my heart rush anymore (oh no)

We’re both really tired (don’t want to understand)
Even when I go to you, you back away (why are you like this)
As I saw you changing (I resented you) so

Just erase me for today, baby just let me go
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Im Sorry Lyrics
Yeah, I can’t get you outta my head
And it plays again, and it plays again

Tonight I want to share my love with you
I am wanting you like this, baby I want you
Look at me one time, I’m ready
Please don’t go like that, oh I don’t wanna let you go

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Love Song Lyrics
The day I first met you
I can’t forget my trembling heart
I don’t know what happened
Like a flower that blooms in the desert
Or a sweet rain at the end of a long drought
You came to me

So I need you, always be by my side
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One More Day Lyrics
My eyes are blinded by the sunlight
As soon as I wake up and open my eyes, tears come (tears come)
Again today, without you
My day starts and once again, tears come (tears come)

I didn’t want people to see me staggering
(So I tried to force a smile)
I try to live like a person who is completely fine but
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Suddenly Lyrics
Suddenly, your face came into my mind
Suddenly, I thought of you
So I took out the deeply buried memories from my heart once again

For some reason, tonight,
It feels like I would be standing where you once were
The promises we made together are still so clear to me

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The First Date Lyrics
Yeah I think I’m in love
Think about your love
Yeah I’m fallin’ in love

I see you even from far away, I get a feeling for some reason
That today is the day, the day we start dating
I’m different from other guys, besides you, I’m out of mind
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Zero Point Lyrics
또다시 원점으로 너에게 반했던 첨으로
돌아간 것 같은 널 보며 답답해하고 있는 나
아무것도 모른 척 한숨 쉬는 나를 못 본 척
그저 웃고 있는 널 보며 어이가 없어 괜한 웃음만 나와
니 머릿속에 지우개 매번 이렇게 나에게만 쓰고 있는 건지
심장이 뛰고 널 향해 뛰어도 또 제자리인데 매일 그대로인데

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