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Break Your Plans Lyrics
I wish I had cheated
At least that’s a reason
I’d understand why you’re leaving now

We both stopped breathing
It could not last
I guess I’m just afraid to ask

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Closer to Me Lyrics
I take two steps forward and don’t look back
I bear my soul just to cover my tracks
I’m like a dirty cop with blood on my hands
And I know it won’t be long

I’m smoking cigarettes in the laundry mat
I’m wonderin' what’s next and where it’s at
I got a suitcase full of dirty cash
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Give It Away Lyrics
Come and turn it up
You’re gonna get that gold
I see it in your eyes
More than your hands can hold

There’s something that you know
Don’t matter where you go
Baby tell me when it’s over, cause we can never lose
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Hold My Hand Lyrics
I found a picture in my basement
My face a hundred years ago
But I don't wanna do like he did
So full of pride and all alone

Escape is in my blood
The fear is in my bones
But I don't wanna walk that road
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Hurricane Lyrics
She's so fierce and full of that fire
What's a boy to do?
She yells and I crumble
She's got the power
She's barely five foot two
She's a hurricane

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Keep On Wanting Lyrics
Everything you want in broken pieces on the floor
And everything you thought you’d ever need
But it’s not what you want that matters it's what you want more
So go on, lie to yourself but don’t lie to me

And there’s the door
You can quit right now, up and leave
You don't need this anymore
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Love Donot Die Lyrics
If I know one thing, that's true
It ain't what you say, it's what you do
And you don't say much, yeah, that's true
But I listen when you do
A thousand years go by
But love don't die

If I know one thing, that's true
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Our Last Days Lyrics
Sunset, home town, America
Roads I used to run
These walls used to hold heroes
Black and white, I’m gone

I can show you all the places that we used to go
That ain’t there no more
But hold up, dear darling, it’s alright
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Same as You Lyrics
Laying near you, swear you can feel 'em
Reach your hand and try to touch this skin
But it's just you breathing

Torn fabric, wrapped around you
Hands shaking, as you're reaching out
To cover that mirror now

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Shadow and a Dancer Lyrics
Hello old friend
Do you remember when
We would float on the summer wind
And fall back to earth again

Hello love
Remember that touch
That skin on skin rush
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Wherever This Goes Lyrics
Could slow down
Waste away in this town
Standing on the sidewalk, watching this parade
Or we get out, pack our suitcase right now
Find ourselves a bus route, make our own way
Because it feels like
I've been here forever
Afraid to be my father
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