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Ballad Of Cable Hogue Lyrics
(feat. Marianne Dissard)

I live out yonder where the snakes and scorpions run
got myself a little goldmine to bank on
but one day my heart sank when i saw madame in town
i knew her love would be the death of mine

l'amour passait, l'amour obsol├Ęte
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Crystal Frontier Lyrics
Marco's shadow falls on the door
To the seven lost cities of gold
Finds a raven's head and rattler's tail
Dead in his tracks, this godforsaken soul's
Unwanted here and his ghost lingers for years

Amalia's face hides behind the mask
Sweating on the tv factory line
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Drenched Lyrics
Riding through nostalgia, shaking memories by the mile
the city lights are closing in on him
the distance grows shorter for a while
he wonders what dreams fill her heart
and wonders if what they had could ever be sparked
"the roads never lead where they're supposed to go"
that's what he tells himself before he lets it go
out on the cold grey plain, sunken on the side of the road
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Fade Lyrics
No one knows where the night can go
except for the few lovers
entangled and torn from the hour
the stars now are starting to leave
a silent moon begins to weep
and the lovers fall further and further
into the dark and deep
come morning, without warning
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Service And Repair Lyrics
On the outskirts of expansion
looking out from blueprint peak
the flow is flooding of urban setters
panning through rivers running dry
numbers roll on in
smiling a lottery grin
a sadness blurs the eye
it's just a matter of time before they're moving on
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Sonic Wind Lyrics
Sonic wind, honing in, on a tune that no one can hear
perfect pitch, simple glitch, promises it would never appear
in the skies (disguised)
change in direction where birds never fly nor roam
lie 'neath green valleys and wait for the call to come
firetail bats, poised to attack
to set ablaze the rafters and the roofs
until the plan leaves the hand
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