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As one-half of the husband/wife country music duo Joey+Rory, featured on the new CMT/American Idol tv show "Can You Duet", Joey has a voice that is reminiscent of a modern-day Emmylou Harris and a style that?s been compared to a female George Strait. Different than most cosmopolitan, high-fashion female country artists out today, Joey?s not just a country singer, she is country. She sings that way, dresses that way and lives it every day of her life. She knows her way around horses, barns and cattle and she ropes on the side. She may look a supermodel, but she rolls her sleeves up and works like a cowhand. Besides singing, Joey, along with her sister-in-law Marcy, owns and operates a country diner about 45 minutes south of Nashville in the small community of Pottsville (outside of Columbia, TN) called Marcy Jo?s Mealhouse. One of those rare-breed of women who believe their dreams and their destiny are the same thing. Joey?s cut from the cloth of old school strong-backbone female artists like Loretta, Patty and her idol Dolly Parton. She knows who she is and what life and love are truly about. She loves traditional country music. It?s all she knows. Her background is pure country, just like her image and lifestyle. Joey?s never been afraid to sing about the things that are important to her. About real life... family, faith, love, cowboys and the occasional butt kicking she may have to give if a woman tries to take her man.
Proudly hailing from Alexandria, Indiana; a small farming and factory town, Joey?s one of five children- 3 sisters and one younger brother... Jody, Julie, Joey, Justin and Jessie). Her father Jack, a guitar-playing GM worker and her mother June, a farm-raised gospel singer married after his return from Vietnam and their passion for music was passed down to their middle child Joey. Her first performance was at her first grade talent show, where she sang ?Coat of Many Colors? with dad playing guitar and the rest of the school watching in awe as a six year old unwrapped her ?gift? for all the world to see. She has been on stage ever since? Because of her love of horses, after graduating high school, Joey got a job as an assistant for a horse veterinarian in the area, where she continued working for the next 3 years, all the while playing around Madison county in a band and individually. On August 15, 1998 - Joey?s mother helped her pack her things into a cattle trailer and they moved her to Nashville ? actually an hour south of Music City to a small rustic cabin in Lewisburg, TN to go to work for another horse vet there. Through the cutting-horse business, she soon met Wilbur Rimes and later Barbara Brooks and her husband Kix. Joey was soon working full time at the Rimes? barn in Lebanon, taking care of their cattle and horses and watching songwriter nights in Nashville on the weekends. In 2001, Joey was signed to Sony Records and hit producer Paul Worley (The Dixie Chicks/Martina/Big & Rich) and Billy Crain cut a debut album on her, but before her record ever got out of the chute, the label execs were let go and replaced and with the old regime also went Joey?s album. Believing that everything happens for a good reason, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise?giving her the opportunity to take her time and grow as a woman, as a songwriter and as an artist.
Still determined to find her place in hallowed halls of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Joey and her songwriter husband Rory Feek ("Some Beach" and "Chain of Love") recently auditioned for, and are part of, the new CMT/American Idol tv show "Can You Duet" that begins airing on 4/14/08. Remaining true to who they are and to the music they love, Joey and Rory are sure to poised to be one of America?s next great country music duos.

?I?m a singer... at least that?s what I want to be. I own a little country diner called Marcy Jo?s with my sister-in-law and I wait on customers while I?m waiting and working on making my dreams to come true. I?m married to the greatest man I?ve ever known who writes the songs I sing (I help sometimes), and holds the key to my heart. I?ve got two beautiful step-daughters that I love and that love me back even though I?m still learning how to be a mother. I?ve got a hound named Rufus that I love like a son, who doesn?t have any idea that he?s just a dog. We?ve got a great home and a fireplace that never runs out of propane, so I?m pretty happy.
...I?m okay with knowing that my dreams might not come true... but I?m not okay with knowing I didn?t try.?-Joey

As the other half of the husband/wife country music duo Joey+Rory, featured on the new CMT/American Idol tv show ?Can You Duet?, Rory is a true American storyteller. As a songwriter, he?s written three 1 records in the last few years (Blake Shelton?s ?Some Beach?, Clay Walker?s ?The Chain of Love? and Collin Raye?s ?Someone You Used To Know?) and has cuts by Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Terri Clark, Mark Wills, Reba McEntire, Waylon Jennings, Lorrie Morgan, Buck Owens, John Michael Montgomery and Charlie Pride to name a few. Able to write many different styles, he?s best known as a storyteller for the way he weaves unforgettable slices of American life. His latest creation that?s on the current Country charts is new RCA artist Crystal Shawanda?s touching debut single ?You Can Let Go?.
Born in Kansas (he rarely wears anything but overalls), and raised up around country music and cornfields, his father Robert was an aspiring singer that worked on the railroad and dreamed of going to Nashville, but never took the chance. Rory vowed to make his father?s dream a reality for himself. And in ?95, he showed up in Nashville in a ?56 Chevy and began hitting the streets with his songs. After a chance meeting with legendary songwriter Harlan Howard, he was invited to his hero?s office and ended up signing a publishing deal where he worked as Harlan?s lone staff-writer for the next five years. He went on to spend 3 years writing for Clint Black?s company Blacktop Music. After leaving that deal in 2004, he and longtime friend & songwriting partner Tim Johnson started Giantslayer Publishing, a co-venture with State One Music Publishing. They have 6 writers and an office on Music Row.
In ?02, Rory found, self-funded, and along with Tim, co-produced Blaine Larsen?s debut album ? independently creating and releasing their own single, video and album that received major airplay and resulted in a major label co-imprint deal with RCA records? an unheard of accomplishment in Country Music at the time. Rory co-wrote Blaine?s heart-wrenching single ?How Do You Get That Lonely? that peaked at 15 on Billboard. This past December, Rory and Tim wrote, recorded, and their label Giantslayer partnered up with Capitol Records Nashville, to release the heartwarming Christmas single ?Bring Him Home Santa?... rocketing up the Billboard charts to 29 in just 4 weeks. Never afraid to step into uncharted territory... Rory and his wife, singer Joey Martin, recently auditioned for, and are part of, the new CMT/American Idol tv show "Can You Duet" that begins airing on 4/14/08. Remaining true to who they are and to the music they love, Joey and Rory are poised to be one of America?s next great country music duos. They live 40 miles south of Nashville in an 1870?s farmhouse in Columbia, along with a herd of cattle (actually only one steer named Shooter), some chickens, ducks, dogs and a big garden.

?I?m a songwriter. I?ve had a few hits, a bunch of misses and an amazing time doing what I love for a living. I produce a little, dream a lot and try to surround myself with great people. I?m married to the best country singer that I?ve ever heard and have been blessed with two wonderful babies (their 19 and 21 now, but they?re still babies to me) who are out on their own now, finding their own way, just as I?m still trying to find mine. My wife Joey and I live in an old 1870?s farmhouse, about an hour south of Nashville, where we raise babies (at least we did), chickens, ducks, 2 dogs and one cow named Shooter.?-Rory

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