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Lyrics of Man on the Rocks Mike Oldfield

Castaway Lyrics
All alone in the room
Shadows dance in the gloom
Cold as ice
In the dark at the moon
Soft cries from the silent cocoon

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Chariots Lyrics
There will be no mistake
Cause I watch every move you make
There'll be no where to hide
when the world knows the other side
Don't try to black my name
cause I've got you in my sights again

Suspicion is the game
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Dreaming in the Wind Lyrics
You may see a white bird in a clear blue sky
I'm dreaming in the wind flying high
There's a whispering sound in the air all around
I'm dreaming in the wind as the sun goes down

You may see a bright star in a clear night sky
I'm dreaming in the wind as the earth roles by
There's a silver light as the bird takes flight
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Following the Angels Lyrics
In that moment, there was peace
No one walked alone on the streets
A migration of dancing light
Gathering, returning home from the night

It came falling down
Following the angels down
Falling down
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I Give Myself Away Lyrics
I give myself away
I give myself away to you, completely
I give myself away, I give myself away
It’s true, believe me

Here I am, here I stand
All my life is in your hands
And I’m longing to see what my life was meant to be
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Irene Lyrics
I Said
She's Coming

And we're running
We're running running

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Man on the Rocks Lyrics
So you come to my world, I can show you
Where they lead to the footprints in the sand.
On the paths through the valleys and canyons,
To the veins in your arm, take my hand.

I’m the man on the rocks on the island.
The black pearl, the fool on the hill.
I’m the gold at the end of the rainbow.
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Minutes Lyrics
Minutes seem like hours
And hours they seem like days
When the ones you want are missing
And they've gone their separate ways
Walking in a sunny garden empty like the moon
And birds that once could fly so high
Now sings a different tune

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Moonshine Lyrics
Walking out on a stormy day
The cold wind the fine sea spray
Looking out over Galway bay
The troubled sky all dark and grey
Far from these shores there stands liberty
So let it be
But every while I would remember

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Nuclear Lyrics
Standing on the edge of the crater
Like the prophets once said
and the ashes are all cold now
No more bullets and the embers are dead
Whispers in the air tell the tales
Of the brothers gone
Desolation, devastation
What a mess we made, when it all went wrong
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Sailing Lyrics
Let me out, I can't breathe
Gotta get out of this concrete hole
I'm wrecked and I'm decked
I've gotta break free before I lose control

Cast the lines away
From the dock at the harbour bay
All those cares and worries and woes
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