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Boris the Animal Lyrics
I can't be saved
Turn up
To the baneful beast in me
All of your hate
You're your own worst enemy
You throw your pain into a bottle
To numb yourself and realize the party's over

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Crystal Ball Lyrics
Crystal Ball

You can't run, you can't hide
I can hear every single thought
That you tried to hide

I look in the mirror and a stranger stares on back at me
If these walls could talk they wouldn't speak the best of me
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Follow Your Leader Lyrics
Just try to keep in mind
Life is too short to be wasting all your time

So sick of playing this game of follow the leader

And it seems the world is held together by the same strings that tug our hearts
And they twist and they pull and get tangled up
And it seems we're all so stuck in this normal way of living
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Initialization Sequence Lyrics
Initializing audio test sequences in 3... 2... 1...

Ambient textures initiate.


Static frequencies engage.

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Judith Rules Lyrics
You can try to take this from us
You waste your days away counting numbers
I will never let this go

I won't let this go
This opportunity to leave my head
I'd be nothing without this
We'd be nothing without this
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Murder Mitten Lyrics
You won't see me die here!

You always say I need to get as far away as I can
While I've got time to play with and any risk, I'll take it
Or fade away in this suburban wasteland and watch all your plans sink right under your feet
Sink right under your feet
Watch all your plans sink right under your feet

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New Demons Lyrics
I'm not your true love,
Or your knight in shining armor!
All of these games you play,
And all this bullshit drama!
I'll be free to be me and find my path in life!

You think I'll die alone? Well I'm not alone tonight!

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Ten Thousand Feet Lyrics
I swear this plane is going down
Brace yourself, this is not a drill
This is the way that I dream of going out
And in this moment, I see my life flash before my eyes (Before my eyes)
At the best I'll be damned to the sea
Let the waves bury me

Ten thousand feet in the air
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Violent Bounce People Like You Lyrics
People like you are
The reason I keep the good so close
And here you are so impressed with yourself
I see right through you
I see right through you

How many people do you plan to burn?
And all the damage left at every turn
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We are Not In Kansas Anymore Lyrics
We are dark
The way the night stretches over the sun
And we're up to no good
Yeah, we're up to no good

No we wont go peaceful
There is no excuse for the way that we live
Yeah we're up up to no good
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When I Say Jump You Say How High Lyrics
Things felt so perfect
Was it worth it?
People talk and they talk I'm so sick of it
I've made a monster
Love gone wrong
I'll pay for the past and the things I've done

You'll never let this go
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Who Am I? Lyrics
I'm living breathing proof [x2]

I feel it leaving me
The earth starts to fade
The life inside of me

I find myself doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons
I hear the words you say loud and clear
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