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Legion of the Damned Ravenous Plague lyrics

Lyrics of Ravenous Plague Legion of the Damned

Armalite Assassin Lyrics
Walls collapse, buildings crushed,
the bomb attack has shattered all the glass
Many dead, decapitated, heads are severed bodies mutilated

Fire round after round
Another sermon for the dead

...for the dead
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Black Baron Lyrics
Lost crusader, noble blood, born for death
Ancestry, of satan's kim
Warlike, heritage, merciless
Servant, of the tsar

Black baron
(the) devil's scourge
Black baron
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Bury Me In A Nameless Grave Lyrics
Proud to march on a path of glory, ready to cross the barbwire
Crawling closer to enemy positions under ranking machine gun fire
Enter the trenches of the enemy, bent on killing all in sight
Thrill of the fight causes exhilaration, despite all the comrades that are lost

Death awaits
Death awaits
On the fields of war
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Doom Priest Lyrics
The wretched pray, in vain for mercy to their lord.
Fateful messengers of the horrible pestilence, companions to the
apparition of imminent doom, prophesied omens of-foretold death.
The liar's tongue speaks that damnation is at hand. As the ravens
feed on the carcasses of the damned"

Visions of a world in apocalyptic decay
Among the dwellers of this plague infested land
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Howling For Armageddon Lyrics
Thine father who wert in heaven, anhallowed be thy name
Since thou sanctions tyrant, rulers thy imagine we defame

Howling for Armageddon
Vanguard of the antichrist
Jackal breed born from hades

The seeds of irreverence are blossoming in fertile burial ground
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Intro The Apocalyptic Surge Lyrics
Morbid Death Lyrics
Lifeless body left in a corner, death has graced her jaded face
Her legs are spread unceremoniously, murder disguised as suicide

After satisfaction of his carnal obsessions, he choked the life out of her
Submitting her to his vicious assault, victim left with open thighs

Dim city lights in a chilling night, the rapist is on the loose again
Seducing women with gentle voice, not aware of his true intent
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Mountain Wolves Under A Crescent Moon Lyrics
Wild mountain harbors a violent breed,
eager for blood and hard to defeat
Ferocious warriors raised on barren grounds,
raid enemy lands for centuries

Dagger in hand they rather fight till death,
than suffer dishonor through surrender
Steeped so deep in a culture of war,
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Ravenous Abominations Lyrics
Acolytes of abysmal ones, Desciples of the elder gods
Seek the forbidden wisdom of the black arts

Devotees of the sunken shrine,
Ruthless seekers of the undivine
Burned at the stake for their unspeakable rites

Nyarla-tho-tep will seal your fate
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Summon All Hate Lyrics
Boundless hate boiling
Up from the dark abyss
Unleash your vengeful fury
From the blackest pits

Lord of the southern winds rises
Herald of famine and death
Horrible manifestation
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Legion of the Damned Ravenous Plague lyrics
 Ravenous Plague Lyrics