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Another You Lyrics
White walls
Filled with nothing
But nervous paces
All around I see.
Something's off
Inside of myself.
I see it in their faces.

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Bones Exposed Lyrics
It's like loving a lion that cannot be tamed,
I snap at the thought or the sound of your name.
Pulling teeth from my stomach,
you've been eaten alive.
My blood fills your lungs,
my soul, your inside.

My feet they stand on ashes,
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Break Free Lyrics
Through every bone I break,
Through every word you say,
You're just another enemy.
Right now, get away from me.
You won't, get the best of me.
I can't, stop or slow down,
I never have and I never will.

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Feels Like Forever Lyrics
Did you ever contemplate when all was lost you hesitate and nothing seems the same?
Have you ever hid your face, in such disgrace, decisions made, a picture with no frame?

Can you hold on? One more day?

Say you're okay, I'm afraid that tomorrow is just too far away.
Fight the pain, it just feels like forever is crashing down on me (down on me, me, me).

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Glass Hearts Lyrics

These are the hardest four years of my life,
They walk right by me heads turned with closed eyes.
They don't even see me.
At night in my house I'm still all alone.
This is not a home.
They don't even see me.
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Identity Disorder Lyrics
Your heart is a fire,
But the cold is comforting.
My mouth is a liar,
With my silver tongue in cheek

The silence is deafening.
My words cut deep.
The darkness is blinding,
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Public Service Announcement Lyrics
You all have something to say, or something to ask
I don't live in a cage, it's none of your business

Gonna say this clear so you can get it straight
You don't know a thing about me
Who I am from what I read, oh, I sound so sickening
Your attempts to bring me down, fuel my fire and build my sound
I can't believe all the things I hear
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Space Enough to Grow Lyrics
What do you see when you close your eyes?
How do you feel when you see it?
Who is to say that it isn't real?
And why can't we lie to believe it, to believe in something?

Look into the emptiness and step into the cold.
Right between your body and your soul.
Deep inside of all of us there's something left to hold.
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Would You Still Be There Lyrics
If I could find the words, if I could shake the world
If I could turn back time would you still be there

I can't stop thinking about the way
I left you sinking with no escape
Now there's no love light, no way to save
But maybe next time I won't throw it all away

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You are Not Alone Lyrics
When your reflection in the mirror smiles back it lies, you know it.

When you lay your head to sleep at night it's filled with every moment
Every chance you miss to be something, well learn from your mistakes

You're not alone you're with me
You're not alone you're with me

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You Make Me Sick Lyrics
I want you to stop,
to sit & think,
of all the times you tried to steal from me,
ride my coat tails, use my name,
your smiles exposed all your fangs,
your forked tongue is always running,
spilling from your mouth,
I suggest you bind it up & keep it,
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