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Low Expectations Lyrics
When it's getting way too late
there's nothing on the slate
you've got to take another break
step out of the room
into the street lit by the moon

walk down to the tombs
open the windows
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Point Vicente Lyrics
She swings on the front porch
and sweeps her days into an empty sky
of a dream drowned in the rain
out where the land is as flat as the sea
there's a train pulling out west
and a box of money stashed under the bed

up through the pines
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Removed Lyrics
Follow the current through the city that lies in ruins
bottle is washed up but the message is missing
heroes and ghosts, graveyards and buildings
pay the price of admission

haunted for years in a hallway of mirrors
till i step through the window
over the river, coat of feathers sweeping out of view
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Sanchez Lyrics
Going on their lands for sale to stake my claim
burn my name in the soil
out past the borders beyond the hill
through seasons of nothing
safe for the self-destructive world
memories get altered
no point of reference to hold
and it feels like someone is watching
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Spokes Lyrics
Started talking
to a couple of wedded strangers
sitting down on motorcycles
who passed on the highway

stepped into
the service station
took a piss, got water
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