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Ghostwriter Lyrics
Dying of thirst
Could i still be alive or worse
Where was i last
Parked on the street when a shadow was cast
Taking me out, when a struggle ensued
What was that hole in my shirt
And the blood that spilled to the floor
Like a dead man's
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Grip-tape Lyrics
Wait to rise long after dark
Been asleep at least three solid days
Wandering round this house just like a ghost
Searching for something in this life
That would fill the holes and satisfy
Your need to please everybody else
While your nerves shatter and fall apart
Wear out the grip-tape wrapped round your heart
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Half A Smidge Lyrics
When the evening sun is setting low
Blinding you on your drive home
And the lanes of traffic all converge
Causing you to curse every other word
For to wish it all away

Daily grind's got your screw stripped
No can of wd40 can fix your situation
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Heavy With The Bass Lyrics
Right outta port angeles like a bullet with no pain
Driving north on the harbor freeway
Up and over st thomas vincent bridge
Making stops as you go, everyone you used to know
Flashing your fury, gonna lay your enemies to waste

Never hear them when they come
Hear them when they come
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Kiss And Tell Lyrics
Come on back here into the kitchen
You gotta see this one
You gotta see it close
They told you be careful
Don't trust no one but yourself
Be careful

In the kitchen with one bare light bulb
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Near The Woodpile Lyrics
Near the woodpile
Before the rain
Where he last saw the snake

With teeth clenched
Soured heart
Lover's changed hands

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Painted Over Lyrics
It's a simple mistake
When you've painted over your painting
And it needs no more speaking

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