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And Yet Lyrics
This town, this stain on the sunrise
Disguised in the mist, this morning.
It’s 8 AM, a seagull shouts
A sailor’s warning, this sky.

This bend in the river
Slows down and delivers me
The tide rolls back
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August Winds Lyrics
When August winds are turning,
The fishing boats set out upon the sea,
I watch 'til they sail out of sight,
The winter follows soon,
I watch them drawn into the night,
Beneath the August moon.

No one knows I come here,
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Ballad Of The Great Eastern Lyrics
In 18 hundred and 59, the engineer Brunel,
Would build the greatest ship afloat, and rule the ocean's swell.
Nineteen thousand tons of steel they used to shape the mighty keel,
Forged inside the smelter where they made the gates of Hell...
And the name upon the contract, Isambard Brunel.

As day-by-day the monster grew, the engineer Brunel,
Would watch the devil's handiwork, and woe betide a man who shirks,
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Dead Man's Boots Lyrics
You see these work boots in my hands, they'll probably fit ye now my son,
Take them, they're a gift from me, why don't you try them on?
It would do your old man good to see you walking in these boots one day,
And take your place among the men who work upon the slipway.

These dead man's boots, though they're old and curled,
When a feller needs a job and a place in the world,
And it's time for a man to put down roots,
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Hadaway Lyrics
Ah, ye've gotta be joking, yr tekkin' the piss,
I'd have to be stupid to go on wi' this,
I wasn't born yesterday, or even last week,
It's someone with sailing experience ye seek?
I wouldn't sail with you's on the last ship aground,
In a biblical flood, I'd be better off drowned,
So drink up yr bevies and have a good sup,
I'll no part o' this fancy O' Brian's dreamed up,
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I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else Lyrics
When a man of my age shaves his face in the morning,
Who is it that stares back and greets him?
The ghost of his father long dead all these years?
Or the boy that he was, still wet in the ears?
Or the terrible sum of all of his fears,
In the eyes of this stranger who meets him?

So his glance rarely strays from his chin or his jawline,
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It's Not The Same Moon Lyrics
Did you ever hear the theory of the universe?
Where every time you make a choice,
A brand new planet gets created?

Did you ever hear that theory?
Does it carry any sense?
That a choice can split the world in two,
Or is it all just too immense for you?
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Jock The Singing Welder Lyrics
Any shipyard man can sing when he works upon the hull,
Amongst the noise and the clamour that he all but disregards,
So he'll sing to himself and no one pays him any mind,
He's just another crazy welder in the shipyards.

But inside this welder's helmet, if you'll let me demonstrate,
When the mask is in position, and the fumes accumulate,
There's the finest echo chamber with a sound that can't be beat,
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Language Of Birds Lyrics
They say there's an underground river,
That none of us can see,
And it flows through winding tunnels,
On its way to a tide-less sea.

And across that sea is an island,
A paradise we are told,
Where the toils of life are forgotten,
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Peggy's Song Lyrics
Ye promised me my Jackie,
On the day that we got married,
Ye'd build a boat of dreams for me someday.

A vague romantic notion,
That we'd sail off to some ocean,
But in my dreams we'd get there one fine day.

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Practical Arrangement Lyrics
Am I asking for the moon?
Is it really so impossible?
That you and I could soon
Come to some kind of arrangement?

I’m not asking for the moon
I've always been a realist
When is really nothing more
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Shipyard Lyrics
Ah, me name is Jackie White and I'm foreman of the yard,
And ye don't mess with Jackie on this quayside.
Why I'm as hard as iron plate, woe betide ye if yr late,
When we have to push the boat out on a spring tide.
Now ye could die and hope for Heaven, but ye'd need to work your shift,
And I'd expect ye's all to back us to the hilt.
And if St. Peter at his gate were to ask ye why yr late,
Why you'd tell him that ye had to get a ship built.
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Show Some Respect Lyrics
Show some respect on this deck for the dear departed,
Gather ye's round let's be bound by the work we started,
Save all your strength for the length of the task before us,
Think on that ship on the slipway they can't ignore us.

It's what he would have wanted, he'll not be disappointed,
Each of us well appointed, we've all but been anointed,
Such was our occupation, this means of our salvation,
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Sky Hooks And Tartan Paint Lyrics
Me first day in the shipyard, the gaffer says to me,
"I want ye to go to the store lad and get a few things, ye see?
Now here's a list, can ye read lad? Can ye read it back to me?
And me and the boys'll listen while were having wah morning tea."

Now reading was me pride when I left school at fourteen,
There wouldn't be no problem here, I'd show them I was keen,
But when I starts to reading, they just couldn't hold their mirth,
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So To Speak Lyrics
[Father O'Brian:]
They're seriously saying it's prolonging me life,
If I'll only submit to the surgical knife?
But what are the odds on a month or a week?
When the betting shop's closing its doors, so to speak.
When you're tied to a pump and a breathing machine,
With their X-rays and probes and their monitor screens,
And they'll wake ye up hungry, saying "How do ye feel?"
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The Last Ship Lyrics
Its all there in the gospels, the Magdalene girl
Comes to pay her respects, but her mind is awhirl.
When she finds the tomb empty, the stone had been rolled,
Not a sign of a corpse in the dark and the cold.
When she reaches the door, sees an unholy sight,
Theres this solitary figure in a halo of light.
He just carries on floating past Calvary Hill,
In an almighty hurry, aye but she might catch him still.
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The Last Ship (Reprise) Lyrics
Aye, the footmen are frantic in their indignation,
You see, "The Queen's took a taxi herself to the station!"
Where the porters, surprised by her lack of Royal baggage,
Bustle her and three corgis to the rear of the carriage,
For the train it is crammed with all Europe's nobility,
And there's none of them famous for their compatibility.
There's a fight over seats, "I beg pardon Your Grace,
But you'll find that one's mine, so get back in yr place!"
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The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance Lyrics
In the streets around here there was nobody tougher than me,
I was quick with me fists and fast with me footwork as you can plainly see,
But while fighting was useful for getting your way,
Among the toughs of the town where you could hold sway,
There had to be something that was better than this,
I was fifteen years old and I'd never been kissed.

Well of course she'd ignore me, her friends would all sneer,
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What Have We Got? Lyrics
Good people give ear to me story,
Pay attention, and none of your lip,
For I've brought you five lads and their daddy,
Intending to build ye's a ship.
Wallsend is wor habitation,
It's the place we was all born and bred.
And there's nay finer lads in the nation,
And none are more gallantly led.
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