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Island Of Souls Lyrics
Billy was born within sight of the shipyard
First son of a riveter's son
And Billy was raised as the ship grew a shadow
Her great hull would blot out the light of the sun
And six days a week he would watch his poor father
A working man live like a slave
He'd drink every night, and he'd dream of a future,
Of money he never would save
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Jeremiah Blues Lyrics
It was midnight, midnight at noon
Everyone talked in rhyme
Everyone saw the big clock tickin',
Nobody knew, nobody knew the time
Elegant d├ębutantes smiled
Everyone fought for dimes
Newspapers screamed for blood
It was the best of times
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Mad About You Lyrics
A stone's throw from Jerusalem
I walked a lonely mile in the moonlight
And though a million stars were shining
My heart was lost on a distant planet
That whirls around the April moon
Whirling in an arc of sadness
I'm lost without you, I'm lost without you
Though all my kingdoms turn to sand and fall into the sea
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The Soul Cages Lyrics
The boy child is locked in the fisherman's yard
There's a bloodless moon where the oceans die
A shoal of night stars hang fire in the nets
And the chaos of cages where the crayfish lie

Where is the fisherman, where is the goat,
Where is the keeper in his carrion coat?
Eclipse on the moon when the dark bird flies
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The Wild Wild Sea Lyrics
I saw it again this evening,
Black sail in a pale yellow sky
And just as before in a moment,
It was gone where the grey gulls fly
If it happens again I shall worry
That only a strange ship could fly
And my sanity scans the horizon
In the light of the darkening sky.
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When The Angels Fall Lyrics
So high above the world tonight
The angels watch us sleeping
And underneath a bridge of stars
We dream in safety's keeping
But perhaps the dream is dreaming us
Soaring with the seagulls
But perhaps the dream is dreaming us
Astride the backs of eagles
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