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Lyrics of The Sting Gabriella Cilmi

Do not Look Back Lyrics
One more time
Maybe we could make it one more night
Cause I can’t see light
When your shadow’s always by my side
All those lies,
I’ve tried to read between your lines
But they all get burned
When I’m hanging on you every word
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Every Memory Lyrics
You, you were always like my second skin
Now I can't stop the seams from tearing

Black flowers bloom
I think of you always the same
When you're out of touch
Those petals cut
Like razor blades
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Highway Lyrics
I've lost my dreams
Along the highway
You couldn't love
What I've become

Now it seems
You won't go highway
You split the seams
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I Am Just a Girl Lyrics
You should let me be the one
To be your cover when you run
You should let me be the one
When your odds are 100 to none

Before you leave this time
Please shut the door behind
I have your back
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Kill Ourselves Lyrics
Back then there was one, now that there is none
You can't sink lower down
Mountains don't just fall because you want it all

Put that all to bed, paradise in your head
Ain't as good in the flesh and if you got your turn
You probably would have run out, run out

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Left with Someone Else Lyrics
I sold my soul for a two mile ride
A passenger with no alibi
Half way gone and I realized
I sold my soul for some fucked up guy

He left with someone else
With my lipstick on his coat
He left with someone else
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Not Sorry Lyrics
I see daggers in your eyes
I guess I'm not surprised
That fast fall from grace
left my body paralyzed
Got nothing left to loose
If you're looking for some truth
Have you realized what you need
I can't provide for you
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Parallel Universe Lyrics
The scenery's killing me this wasn't supposed to be like this
Out of all the right words to say you had to pick the wrong ones
Now I'm sitting here trying to pick up all the pieces that we dropped
On a parallel universe I would have said it first

On a parallel universe I'd do it differently
Like a carousel in reverse you'd come back to me

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Sweeter in History Lyrics
It all looked so good in your memory
But it didn’t taste as sweet as it was meant to be
How did I end up caught between two cities?

Heaven knows that now I’m so out of touch
Lost in time need to find, wanna feel that rush
Still hear your whisper in my ear Like you did before

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Symmetry Lyrics
Ohh tell me something that I don't know
Is there a truth you try to hide
You can let follow you home
Do you hold on tightly
Or just let it go?
Would you sale all a moment breath
The pay for what you owe

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The Sting Lyrics
All of my life
I've been running from the sting
Stole the honey from the hive
And the bee's still following me

Lend some sugar to your neighbor
Do a girl a favor
I might return it later
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Vicious Love Lyrics
You came 'round like a thief in the night
I knew that you'd come 'round sometime
Come inside lift me from abyss
I can feel my heartbeat pumpin' in your kiss
Strugglin' to breathe between the waves
You make my body feel all kinds of pain
After all we've been through, we done set aside
Our differences are putted behind us
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