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Diagnosis Lyrics
Yes, I'm afraid I see signs of impairment
But there is something more
He's an exceptional savant, one in a million

His mind is ablaze with distraction
But maybe I can help
I'm testing a new drug that can help him focus

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Inertia Lyrics
Love and Envy Lyrics
Why do you torment him, are you jealous?
There must be a reason you’re so cruel
What have you got against him?
Does he scare you?
What did he ever do to you?

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Patterns Lyrics
Progressive Waves Lyrics
Prologue The Blackboard Lyrics
Surface Tension Lyrics
The Argument 1 Lyrics
Is the Psychiatrist's experimental drug worth the risk? The Mother and Father have vastly different views - and motivations."

How could you even contemplate
Experimenting on our child?
Were you only thinking
Of yourself again?

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The Consultation Lyrics
The Mother takes the Prodigy to a Psychiatrist for assessment. He performs a diagnostic interview and battery of tests on the Prodigy."

I know it's hard to find the words
But tell me all about your world
Do you struggle to adapt?
Do you feel detached?

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The Eleventh Dimension Lyrics
The Gift Lyrics
I'm glad you could meet me
I'm here about your son
I've never seen a mind like his
Especially so young

He's got a gift for numbers
Never known before
An outstanding genius
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The Prodigys World Lyrics
The Teachers Discovery Lyrics

I can't believe… this can't be true.
How could you know?
I've tried to solve this
For as long as I recall

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The Theory of Everything Part 1 Lyrics

I'm so close
To the answer
A dazzling symphony of cosmic strings

I feel the pulse vibrating
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The Theory of Everything Part 2 Lyrics
The Mother and the Father agree to enlist and outside expert to help with their son, but their motivations to do so couldn't be more different."

We need to take him to therapy
Help him function in society

It's worth a try, who knows...
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