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Against Me Transgender Dysphoria Blues lyrics

Lyrics of Transgender Dysphoria Blues Against Me

Black Me Out Lyrics
I don't ever want to talk that way again,
I don't want to know people like that anymore.
As if there was an obligation,
As if I owed you something.

Black me out.
I want to piss on the walls of your house,
I want to chop those brass rings off your fat fucking fingers.
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Dead Friend Lyrics
Needn't worry about tomorrow anymore, because you're dead.
Does anything still echo? Is there any trace left?
I know she still remembers, she sleeps with your picture by her bed.
They shaved your face and they washed your hair clean,
You were wearing the jacket that I met you in.

How could I not have guessed she would fall in love with the first boy she kissed in a casket?
God damn it. God damn, I miss my dead friend.
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Drinking with the Jocks Lyrics
One of the angry guns...
Let's give this a go.

I'm drinking with the jocks,
I'm loving the fuckers.
...a dick in my hand,
For all of my life just like I was one of them.
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The ease of your pose, the grace of your silhouette
The way that your shoulders meet your slender neck

Where would we be without all the distance?
You know I'm already just a skeleton

I don't have the heart to match the one pricked into your finger
Of things made to be destroyed
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Osama bin Laden as the Crucified Christ Lyrics
You're gonna hang like Benito from the Esso rafters,
Hang like Glover with the skull caved in.
Hang like a cross around my neck.
You're gonna hang, you're gonna hang.

What's the best end you can hope for?
Pity fucks and table scraps.
Subterfuge and detachment,
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Paralytic States Lyrics
She couldn’t even fucking prove a single...
…baby’s crying, see her laughter, see the sirens
Red and blue lights flashing through those cheap hotel drapes
Blood spilled out on the porcelain
The bathtub’s overflowing

Paralytic states of dependency
Our waking life’s just a living dream
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Transgender Dysphoria Blues Lyrics
Your tells are so obvious: shoulders too broad for a girl.
It keeps you reminded, it helps you to remember where you come from.

You want them to notice the ragged ends of your summer dress,
You want them to see you they see every other girl; they just see a faggot.
They hold their breath not to catch the sick.

Rough surf on the coast, I wish I could've spent the whole day alone with you.
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True Trans Soul Rebel Lyrics
All dressed up and nowhere to go,
Walking the streets all alone.
Another night you wish that you could forget,
Making yourself up as you go along.

Who's gonna take you home tonight?
Who's gonna take you home?
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Two Coffins Lyrics
Two coffins for sleep.
One for you, one for me.
We'll be there eventually.

In the dark of our graves our bodies will decay.
I wish you'd never change.

How lucky I ever was to see
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Unconditional Love Lyrics
Unraveling, unrolled, a siren in the night
I love the jaundice of your skin
It's perverse plasticity
You make me want to smoke cigarettes
You make me want to drink whiskey

Even if your love was conditional
It still wouldn't be enough to save me
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Against Me Transgender Dysphoria Blues lyrics
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