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Lyrics of Wanderlust Sophie Ellis-Bextor

13 Little Dolls Lyrics
Darkness ain't a sin
It's the visions in your head
Leave it on the windowsill, it's for them now instead
Do you think they know your heart?
It wouldn't be a big surprise

Because the pendulum will swing
Whenever night arrives
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Birth of an Empire Lyrics
It's simple and eternal
The sum of where we're made
Across the land we circle
Inside is where we're raised
As nations keep on marching
As borders break and fall
The guardian eye is watching
The hawk who sees it all
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Cry to the Beat of the Band Lyrics
I'm in the heart of winter
How I dread the spring
As the snow is falling down
Can't be locked forever
I keep remembering
Each day brings it closer now

Cry, cry to the beat of the band
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Interlude Lyrics
It's clearly plain to see
The sun is breaking through the clouds
I'm falling through a dream

I'm looking out from the plane
The fields look like that patchwork clothes
You left out in the rain

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Love Is a Camera Lyrics
A winter morning black as any night
A landscape held in time under the ice
There's a house on the hill
She's living there still
Rooms are full of pictures black and white

So the story goes, she lives alone
The company is framed in monochrome
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Runaway Daydreamer Lyrics
I could tie up the bed sheets and slide down the house
Be gone before the morning comes
I could dye my hair, I could change my name
Leave it all behind, be free to run

When I close my eyes I'm on the other side
I'm like a hurricane along the track
I see the landscape's wild from here inside my mind
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The Deer and the Wolf Lyrics
Oh the deer and the wolf
They never try to get along
But they need each other
It's an unknown bond

One waits in the dark
While the other seeks light
But they both have hearts
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Until the Stars Collide Lyrics
Everybody knows
The demons come and go
To have regrets is only human
But I just can't escape
The memories of mistakes
Round and round instead of moving on
Until the stars collide
Until the stars collide
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When the Storm Has Blown Over Lyrics
Like a flower that cannot bloom
Or the snow that falls in June
You're a thirst that's never quenched
When the storm has blown over we'll start again

Like a wound that never heals
Or the sorrow you can't conceal
You're the actor that won't pretend
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Wrong Side of the Sun Lyrics
If I'd been a prophet, I would tell you how the future lies
If I'd been a phoenix, raise us up through embers and fly

But together we wandered
Through a land we didn't know
All we wanted for our love
Was a chance to let it grow

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Young Blood Lyrics
The days
Are ghosts that pass right through us
In my eyes
You're like an evergreen
By the hours that fly around us
My love
Is that how you see me?
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